How acupuncture helps with labor

Thinking about your upcoming due date?

There are two ways to approach labor preparation with acupuncture. These sessions help to gradually prepare you for the natural onset of labor, as well as address stress, anxiety, and physical discomforts.

The first approach is to start acupuncture once weekly from 37 weeks. The second approach is to have acupuncture at or after your due date, at a frequency of one to three times per week. Both approaches are very safe, effective, and help facilitate a more efficient labor. Treatments consist of meeting with your provider and discussing your health and pregnancy, then you will rest with needles in for 30 minutes. These sessions are very comfortable and relaxing

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Eastern Medicine Theory

One of the basic theories in Eastern medicine are that we have three main energy sources that sustain life: the air we breathe, the food we eat, and the inherited “jing” we are born with. Our jing is what enables us to fully develop in our mother’s womb. Our jing is stored within our bodies and becomes the substance for our growth, development, and reproduction. While we continually replenish our energy with food, water, and air, our jing provides us with the deep reserves of energy we can call on for health needs, crisis, and reproduction.

Ear Points

How do those points in my ear help with my health? Ear acupuncture and acupressure are used to address every part of the body. In our clinic we use ear points for everything from calming the mind, helping to encourage labor for our pregnant ladies, and for pain and insomnia.

Organic produce?

It’s nearly summer, and that means some of the best produce are available at farmers markets, local fruit stands, and supermarkets. Do you buy organic? Here is a list of the best produce to purchase organically grown according to the Environmental Working Group (EWG):

• Strawberries
• Spinach
• Nectarines
• Apples
• Peaches
• Pears
• Cherries
• Celery
• Grapes
• Tomatoes
• Sweet bell peppers
• Cherry tomatoes
• Potatoes
• Cucumbers
• Lettuce

Why should you care about pesticides? The EWG points out that there is a growing consensus in the scientific community that small doses of pesticides and other chemicals can have adverse effects on health, especially during vulnerable periods such as fetal development and childhood.